How To Care For And Maintain Your Products

Glazed Tile

Glazed tile is water resistant and easy to clean. With a simple maintenance routine of damp mopping with the right cleaner, you can expect your tile countertop, backsplash or floor to look beautiful for years to come. We recommend a good everyday cleaner that's PH neutral.
Glazed tile will not stain, but the grout between the tiles could. That is why we recommend a quality, long lasting sealer like 511 Impregnator (unless you're using a urethane or epoxy grout). The PH neutral cleaner, by the way, won't breakdown your sealer like a harsh acidic or alkaline cleaner would. We love Stone-Tech Neutral Cleaner.

Unglazed Tile

Since unglazed tiles do not have the protection that glazed tiles have, the instructions above for protecting grout apply for these tiles, as well. This includes quarry tile and unglazed tile we sometimes use for shower floors. We even recommend using the 511 Impregnator over them to seal their surfaces at the same time you're sealing the grout. Use concentrated tile cleaners that have a neutral pH for regular cleaning like the Stone-Tech Neutral Cleaner, which is sold in a concentrate that can be adjusted as necessary. These will safely remove grease, oils, and normal spills.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is not only beautiful but is a very durable surface when protected and maintained properly. A penetrating sealer like 511 Impregnator is an absolute must. That also means using a neutral cleaner like Stone-Tech Neutral Cleaner.
Here are some other tips for maintaining stone:
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  • Sweep or vacuum your floors regularly.
  • Protect your stone from sand and grit as floors may scratch from dirt and debris.
  • Be careful with acidic foods and drinks (lemonade, orange juice, etc.) as they may etch certain stones.
  • Never use any cleaners that contain ammonia, acids, or bleach.
  • Tend to spills quickly. No sealer can prevent 100% of damages caused by spills.
  • Never apply wax or acrylics to the surface as they may damage the stone.
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What to Avoid

  • Any cleaners containing acid or bleach shouldn't be used for routine maintenance.
  • Avoid wax-based cleaners and oil-based detergents, and wipe off any sealer that is not absorbed into unglazed tile or grout.
  • Harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or any scouring pads containing metal shouldn't be used on tile.
  • Unglazed tile should not be cleaned with an agent that contains color
  • Avoid using general cleaners not specifically designed for natural stone, ceramic/porcelain tile or grout. Some of these general cleaners (even off the shelf bathroom, tile and grout cleaners) may contain harmful chemicals that may damage natural stone as stone is sensitive to certain chemicals.