Tile and Stone Design Ideas For Both Home and Business in Tacoma, WA

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

A beautiful Tile Bathroom doesn't need to cost a fortune! We have hundreds of domestic and imported ceramic and porcelain tiles, specially designed for bathroom walls and available in a multitude of colors and styles.
We can show you the many sizes and options available, plus explain the differences in quality and price. You can make an educated decision that's right for you. We even have wall tiles starting under a dollar a square foot!
We can even show you how natural stone can be an excellent choice for bathrooms. Your bathroom will be unique, with each tile being product of God!
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Stunning Stone and Tile for Kitchens!

Don't you want to Add Value to your home or business?
In today's tough times, you need every advantage to add value to your biggest investment. Few things can do it better than a beautifully remodeled kitchen.
We can teach you different ways to do it right, and show you all the options of colors, and sizes of natural stone, as well as glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles. We can show you the proper way to install anything so your project lasts a lifetime.
Check out the short kitchen remodel/update videos on this page. They're about more than just using tile and stone. Although that's what we want you to end up using, these videos will show you other products as well and get you to think about kitchen layout, design and how to make your kitchen more convenient. There's also a video from Consumer Reports, highlighting the most common mistakes homeowners make while remodeling that's worth seeing.
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Prepare To Get Floored

Here are some of the amazing manufacturers and distributors that we show at our store. Click on their logo to view their catalogs online. It can get overwhelming, but don't worry! We will guide you through the "maze" of products and explain the differences between each tile or stone. Keep in mind that the images online are still, just images. That's why we offer samples of the current dye-lots and batches to ensure you get what you expect.

New Ideas for Natural Stone Looks

Few things can make a home more stunning and elegant, than the look of natural stone.
It used to be a feature only seen in the most expensive homes. But new quarry discoveries, increased competition, and improvements in technology, have now made stone an affordable option in almost any home.
Granite, the symbol of strength, with its hard surface, is perfect for kitchen counters or entry floors. Marble, a timeless classic, with it's flowing lines, will bring a sense of elegance to any space. Travertine, a beautiful stone from either Turkey or Mexico, is perfect for a kitchen backsplash, or as a wall or floor tile just about anywhere. And we can't forget slate, a rustic stone that is perfect for floors or walls, and can even go outdoors. We have dozens of colors of granite, marble, travertine, slate, and even quartz or limestone. If we don't have what you like in stock, we can quickly special order it!
Natural Stone, Tile and Backsplash in Kitchen - Ceramic Tile Center in Tacoma, WA
Along with offering stone in squares, we also have one piece stone slabs which can be custom cut and professionally installed for you by some of the area's best craftsmen. Check our price and quality!

Get Up To 75% Off on Liquidations and Closeouts!

We are one of the biggest buyers of tile and stone in Washington. We know where the deals are and we know how to buy. Let us pass on tremendous savings to you with our vast selection of liquidations, closeouts and specials. Have a small countertop or backsplash? A tiny entryway? A rental property where you want to keep the costs as low as possible? Then come see our " Remnant Room," loaded with bargains up to 75% off. When you stock and sell as much tile as we do, you are bound to have off lots of leftovers that we have to move. You will be amazed!!

Design Tools

Modern House — Ceramic Design at Tacoma, WA

"Envision Your Room"

Few things can make a home more stunning and elegant, than the look of natural stone.
Click on the house to open up a link to a site where you will be able to upload a photo of your room or pick rooms already displayed.
Then you can choose different tiles and stones from one of the world's biggest manufacturers, American Olean, and see how they might look together in patterns you choose. This will give you some great ideas. When you come into our store, we'll go further to show you how and where to start, and show you everything you'll need.

Tile Pattern Guide

No matter how you plan to express your vision, there is a tile pattern designed to spotlight the most unique elements of your room.
This tile pattern guide from Dal-Tile can provide you with inspirational styles and show you how you can even mix sizes. Click on the Tile for more information.
Mosaic Tile — Ceramic Design at Tacoma, WA

Tile Estimator

This tool offered by the National Tile Contractors of America website is fantastic! Plug in your room's layout, and instantly, you'll come up with an idea of square footage and materials needed. Click The Icon!