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This is a fantastic place to learn more about the products you'd like to install in your home. Whether you're looking into the different types of tile for your Kitchen and Bath or you'd like to learn about our available Natural Stone for a contemporary, neutral look to a home we can provide the information you need.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile: What's the difference?

Ceramic and porcelain tile are made from basically the same clay materials. Porcelain tiles are fired at a much hotter temperature, which makes them harder and denser. This means they are less porous than ceramics, making them ideal for anywhere, even outdoors. When a porous tile is placed outdoors, it will absorb water. When a freeze comes along, that tile or its glaze, will then crack. In the Northwest, this is a major problem, which is why we recommend only tiles rated for our climate to be installed outdoors. A good quality porcelain is that tile.
More about porcelain:
When we first started in the business, we featured a dozen or so manufacturers that mostly made ceramic tile only. Back then, porcelain tiles were expensive to manufacture and were only available in smaller sizes. But things have changed. Porcelain tiles are now made in so many different sizes and are priced comparatively with ceramics.

Also, Porcelains now feature textures, colors, and shades that were unheard of back then. They are even offered in sizes similar to stone slabs! Called Thinslab Porcelain, they're available in 118" x 59" x 6mm, making them ideal for Kitchen counters and shower walls.
Porcelain Shower Tile - Ceramic Tile Center in Tacoma, WA
More About Ceramic:
You may be wondering, with all the advantages of porcelain, why even buy a ceramic at all anymore? Well, because of the lower firing temperatures and softer bodies, ceramic tiles can be manufactured to offer more decorative and unique pieces, as well as a better selection of different trim shapes. That can be a big plus, depending on the application and colors you may desire.